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My first foray into photography came while my family was living in Germany in the early sixties. My parents let me use an old family Kodak Brownie to record our spring vacation to Italy. My dad would not let any of us touch his spiffy new Petri 7 rangefinder. Below is my shot of St. Peter’s Basilica taken in 1963 when I was 11.

From there my interest in photography grew, as did my appreciation for nature through backpacking. When I transferred from Occidental College in Los Angeles to the University of Northern Colorado I drove to Colorado in my VW bug packed with a pair of  hiking boots, a   down sleeping bag and a Canon FT camera. I’ve had the good fortune to live in some great places to practice photography. After college I lived in Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. I recently moved to Carolina Shores, North Carolina with my wife/photo assistant, Sue. We have enjoyed all of the many wonderful places to shoot on the coast.

I was an elementary school teacher and administrator for 40 years. The long hours demanded by the education profession did not leave nearly enough time for photography. As a retiree now, the passion that was always there has had time to blossom. I get to shoot every day now. The nice thing about being a nature photographer is that every time you go out to shoot you are almost guaranteed to see something new or amazing. There are awe-inspiring events taking place every day in nature. It is up to each photographer to bring his or her vision and skill to capture those moments. Thanks for visiting my website and for viewing some of those special moments I’ve had the good fortune to see and capture.


Photo Credits:

Birds of North Carolina, Exhibit at Ft. Fisher Aquarium, April and May 2015

Camera in the Wild, Winter 2015

One Day USA – Harry Abrams Inc., NYC

Daughters of Memory by Janis Arnold, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Dust jacket portrait

Excuse Me for Asking, by Janis Arnold, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Dust jacket portrait

New Hanover Northeast Regional Library

Lead Mine Elementary School Library – Permanent Display

Sunset River Marketplace Art Gallery 

Pthaloblue Gallery 

Nature Photography Exhibit, Rice Museum, Georgetown, SC

"Rio Indio Wildlife", Camera in the Wild, Spring 2015

Waccamaw Neck Library, One Man Show, January 2016

Taken on top of Roan Mountain by Sue Baird. I am no longer this thin or this clean-shaven. The beauty of doing your own website it that you get to pick your own photo.

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